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       About Lucie Desrochers

Lucie Desrochers,
CPE, Certified Professional Electrologist
since October 2, 1993 with the Federation of Canadian
Electrolysis Associations. She was apprenticed by Anne
Szarka Electrolysis Training Center, Aurora, Ontario
December 1985. Lucie has achieved and maintained board
certification since 1985, as well as pursued continuing
education with the Federation of Canadian Electrolysis

Certified electrolysis treatments are offered by Lucie Desrochers, CPE
at 149 Berri Street, Gatineau, Qc, J8Y 4J3, Canada.
Watch videos of my work:

TG, TS, friendly electrologist: Specializing in male beards,
Lucie is known for her speed and accuracy. "Not only do I
remove a beard permanently, but endeavour to get the growth
"managed" Immediately".

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