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Submitted by: Elizabeth Boileau.
From:Cobourg, Ontario

Comments: A first visit to meet Lucie Desrochers & her home-based studio, Transelectrolysis, proved to be a welcoming & comfortable experience. It is so nice to be greeted by her warm smile! Lucie has a gentle way about her that calms the nerves & makes one feel they are at home and in good hands.

As a fellow electrologist, I understand how important it is that clients feel their hair removal goals are understood - in a caring manner. We are not here to judge, we are here to help increase our clients' self esteem.

Lucie's experienced approach with transgender clients creates a unique atmosphere of understanding, trust & genuine care. Not all electrologists work closely, or even exclusively, with the trans community as Lucie does. Her singular focus on this particular community has cultivated a deep understanding of the emotional and physical needs of her particular clients. She is not just their electrologist: she is a friend & integral member of their health care team during gender transition. This is an important distinction...and one that shows Transelectrolysis operates with a high level of involvement & dedication to transitioning clients.

Having a business dedicated to the unique needs to the trans community is an asset to the Gatineau region & our profession overall.

As one of the more experienced electrologists in her region, Lucie's reputation for results precedes her. At Transelectrolysis the focus is on the accuracy of the work - meaning better & faster results then one could achieve elsewhere.

Elizabeth Boileau, Electrologist Owner, Hilltop Electrolysis.

*This electrologist from Cobourg, Ontario is offering transgendered services

Added: Aril 15, 2020

Submitted by: EEM.
From: Ontario

Comments: Bonjour Lucie, j’ai complètement oublié de te le mentionner ce midi, mais merci encore pour la présentation sur le syndrome des ovaires poly kystiques. C’est tellement intéressant, je ne savais pas que tant de femmes étaient touchées par ça, et aussi, que mon cas est loin d’être parmi les plus inquiétants (ça me rassure, même si je trouve ça épouvantable pour chacune d’entre nous). Merci encore, c’est vraiment excellent que tu sois si renseignée à ce sujet, c’est rare.. !


Added: November 15, 2019

Submitted by: S.
From: Ontario

Comments: Lucie is the best without any doubt. She is a wonderful person and an excellent professional. Without any doubt I recommend her.


Added: November 11, 2019

Submitted by: S.
From: Leamington, Ontario

Comments: Anyone thinking of electrolysis should consider seeing Lucie, I can't speak for the whole profession but she knows what she is doing and I believe is one of the best. Allow her to do the job properly and you won't regret it.

It became even more apparent for me after I moved out of town, I haven't needed a treatment on my face since I left some 4 years ago now.


Added: August 21, 2019

Submitted by: Kash
From: Ontario

Comments: I had my back, shoulders and upper arms cleared about 8 or so years ago when Lucie was in Ontario. Happened to stumble upon her website today. The quality of her work was exceptional. I'm still hair free in those areas without any scarring. Also she was very professional and easy to get along with.


Added: August 04, 2019

Submitted by: A

Comments: Je suis très heureuse de t'avoir trouvée et d'avoir fais ta connaissance. Tu as mis du soleil dans ma transition. C'est le rayon d'espoir dont j'avais besoin pour continuer mon cheminement en électrolyse. J'avais tellement de difficulté à passer mes sessions sur ma lèvre supérieure chez mon autre électrolyse. Maintenant,

j'ai hâte à mes prochaines sessions. Tu est une personne chaleureuse, tu as une technique incroyable, ton équipement est très sophistiqué, ton environnement de travail est très accueillant et n'oublions pas le glaçage sur le gâteau, la petite couverte de ta grand' mère.

Je suis très satisfaite, bravo.



Added: March 18, 2019

Submitted by: Caroline
From: Gatineau (Secteur Hull), Québec

Comments: Je recommande vivement les services professionnels de Lucie! Je suis grandement satisfaite des résultats.

J'ai fait le laser en 2010 croyant pouvoir en finir avec l'épilation. Malheureusement, malgré une certaine diminution des poils sur mes jambes et mes aisselles, les résultats n'étaient pas ceux attendus! Au contraire, certaines zones de mon corps ont eu une augmentation de poils dû à l'hyperstimulation du laser!

Lucie a pris le temps de me partager son expertise, de m'expliquer comment l'électrolyse fonctionne et d'évaluer ma situation. Elle est patiente et elle m'a mise tout de suite en confiance. Elle est aussi passionnée et elle souhaite sincèrement aider les gens à se sentir beaux et belles dans leur peau.

Selon moi, les professionnels comme Lucie sont très rares: elle dispose d'équipements à la fine pointe, elle possède une très grande expertise, elle se soucie du bien-être de ses clients, elle est accueillante et elle est sans jugement.

Grâce à Lucie, mon rêve de ne plus jamais m'épiler est sur le point de se réaliser!

Un grand MERCI Lucie!

Added: November 3, 2018

Submitted by: Farah
From: Laval, Quebec

Comments: Lucie est très Proffessionnelle. Elle est toujours acceuillante avec son bon humour, son sourire at son uniforme blue! Ma séance est toujours bien passée avec elle et j'ai vu des résultats assez vite. C'etait ses années d'expérience et son professionnalisme qui m'a donné confiance pour commencer avec elle au début et je suis hereuse de l'avoir trouver!

Merci Lucie

Added: August 2, 2017

Submitted by: K

Comments: I'm happy for the chance to praise Lucie to the skies: I don't think her skill could be greater, and she's so nice - really lovely.


Added: August 1, 2016

Submitted by: Danielle
From: Ottawa, Ontario

Comments: A story of woe becomes a story of success!

I decided, many years ago, to have my beard removed.

After 10 laser treatments, I realized that this method was not effective in reducing my beard growth. I discontinued the treatments.

I then went to an electrologist, that had been highly recommended by an acquaintance. After more than 130 hours of electrolysis treatments, much pain, and a great deal of frustration, I had to come to the conclusion that this electrolysis process (or the electrologist) was completely unsuccessful. I still had a full beard, and the beard follicles were as rough as before.


I decided to try electrolysis one more time. Though a bit skeptical, I booked an appointment with Lucie Desrochers.

FINALLY, I found someone who knew what she was doing, and had the right equipment to do the job.

Within weeks of starting treatments with Lucie, I started noticing a significant reduction in the density of my beard, and the coarseness of the hair follicles. In four months with Lucie, I achieved my primary objective, something that had eluded me for the previous two years with other practitioners.

That is not to say that the entire beard was removed, but in four months with Lucie, it had been thinned out sufficiently to satisfy my primary objective.

Over the months that followed, it was very evident that the electrolysis treatments by Lucie were effective in removing my beard. So much so, that today, I only need to see Lucie once every 3 to 6 months to have the few remaining stragglers (maybe a dozen at most) removed.

Lucie was a gift to me!

Not only was she always very professional in her approach (and by that I mean dressed professionally, meticulous hygiene, state-of-the-art equipment, virgin needles for each treatment), but her discretion and her friendliness are unmatched in my experience!

I have had no hesitation in recommending Lucie's services to my close friends (cis, and Trans). Many of them have acted upon my recommendation, and invariably, they have confirmed my impressions of Lucie's character, professionalism, and effectiveness as an electrologist!

We are very lucky to have Lucie in our midst! Do not hesitate to contact her!


Added: April 7, 2016

Submitted by: Ève
From: Gatineau, Quebec

Comments: Output encoded/decoded text Les services de Lucie ont fait toute la différence pour moi. La disparition de la barbe a une très grande importance pour une personne Transgenre puisque, de nos jours, la majorité des femme cisgenres (femmes qui sont nées femme) ce font faire l'électrolyse pour faire disparaître les poils du visage. Lucie est accueillante, chaleureuse et surtout discrète. Elle ne discute jamais d'une autre cliente durant les rencontres.

Un grand merci pour tes services Lucie!


Added: April 07, 2016

Submitted by: Amanda Ryan
From: Cloyne, Ontario

Comments: Lucie has been doing electrolysis for me to remove my beard and chest hair. My face and chest are now smooth and virtually hair free. It is wonderful to wake up in the morning and feel a soft, smooth face. It has absolutely been worth the time and effort to accomplish this.

Lucie is very knowledgeable and willing to share her expertise. She will find the right settings on her equipment to get just the right results. She is a professional who understands her Trans clientele. I have complete confidence in her and would recommend her highly.


Added: April 1, 2016

Submitted by: Natalie B.
From: Ottawa

Comments: I'm a transgender person who has been having electrolysis treatment to get rid of my facial hair. I live full time as male, but I live a duality of life as Natalie for over 20 years now.

I've decided a couple years back to get electrolysis because of the colour of my facial hair; brown, black, white and transparent would you believe, Lucy knows! Laser wasn`t successful for me. I've been having my treatments with Lucy every two weeks since I started two years ago, but I do see quite a difference lately. Now I go every three weeks. I can see the hair follicles are getting shorter, and no hair on my cheeks, very little under the nose and chin, and sparingly under the chin & neck. Lucy is very professional and provides excellent services, I recommend her to all, who like me, want to see results. You have to be patient and willing to invest in the process. It takes time for people like me.


Added: November 13, 2011

Submitted by: Jeanne C.
From: Ottawa ON

Comments: I first met Lucie in August 2010 following a recommendation from a good friend after several failed attempts using laser hair removal. At our first consultation, offered at no charge to me, Lucie explained in considerable detail her approach to electrolysis and exactly what I could expect down the road as a result of her services. After nearly a year and a half of seeing her on a weekly basis, I am nearing my goal of total facial hair removal.

Lucie is thoroughly professional in her methods and she offers electrolysis packages that are surprisingly affordable as compared to most other service providers. We are truly blessed to have her in the Gatineau-Ottawa area.

Added: October 27, 2011

Submitted by: Anthony
From: Canada

Comments: Hi,

I am an Asian male. Lucie helped and work on many parts of my body. Lucie is a really kind and friendly person. She is very good and professional with her work. I have all unwanted hair removed from my body with her help. Lucie is a open minded person and truly an expert at she does.


Added: October 26, 2011

Submitted by: Joanne B
From: Simcoe, Ontario

Comments: Lucie provided electrolysis for me over several years. She was able to clear my beard completely. She was very flexible in her scheduling. I never had a problem with scarring. Her insertions were precise and she could accomplish a high removal count for every hour worked. Lucie was always pleasant and respectful toward me as a trans person. I would recommend her highly to both transgender and non-transgender clients.

Added: October 26, 2011

Submitted by: Lucie Desrochers
From: Gatineau

Comments: Welcome to TransElectrolysis Clinic

Bienvenue à la Clinique TransElectrolysis I have been serving the Trans Community for over 20 years. Il y a plus de 20 ans que je travaille avec la communauté Trans.

I specialize in male beards and use microscopic medical lenses for greater accuracy. Je suis spécialisée à la barbe masculine et utilise un microscope médical pour une meilleure précision.

Electrolysis packages are available, des forfaits sont disponibles.

I will be happy to reply to your inquiries. Je serai heureuse de répondre à vos questions.


Lucie Desrochers, CPE

Added: October 26, 2011

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